Normally in India majority of schools and colleges have Turbo C/C++ as the default IDE. Most students are younger than the Turbo C/C++ compiler they use at colleges. I checked our college’s Turbo C++ and it was made in 1993. Back then George Bush Sr. was the president of the USA and Windows 95 was still 2 yrs away. I posted solution how to run Turbo C in Vista before and now here is the tutorial to run Turbo C in Linux.

(1) Open terminal and type :

sudo aptitude install dosbox

APT will now download and install DOSBOX. You can also use Synaptic as usual. Download Turbo C/C++ here.

(2) Unpack the achieve.

(3) Keep the installation files inside a folder of your home directory named “setup”.

(4) Open up dosbox, its under Applications > GamesType in :

mount c ~
cd setup

This will start the setup of Turbo C.


(5) After setup is finished , do this:

cd TC\bin

(6) Now everytime you want to run Turbo C++ start DOSBOX and then type in the following:

mount C ~
cd TC\bin

To maximise full screen hit ‘Alt+Enter’ and to go back to medium size again hit ‘Alt+Enter’. DOSBOX has a habit of capturing the mouse pointer, once you click within DOSBOX you cannot move it away from the winow. To go back to Ubuntu hit ‘Alt+Enter’ twice. ‘Alt+X’ will close Turbo C. Hope I have helped 🙂




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  1. It’s sad that we are still being taught outdated tools and technology. I should appreciate that you are writing good articles, but I would rather not, considering you are promoting outdates technology and are no different than the colleges.
    I would appreciate if you write an article on alternatives to turbo c, like, Eclipse, Code Blocks, Net Beans, etc. and throw aome light on them.

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