BlueStacks- run android apps on windows

Bluestacks  is basically a utility for running android applications on Windows OS. We have been hearing about this from months and finally alpha version of the app is  here,anyone can download it. Its only the alpha version so we cannot run all apps on it,but still it should support majority of applications (except apps that depend on accelerometer).

Here’s how it works:

BlueStacks works in conjunction with your Android phone to push your apps to the cloud and then download them to your PC later. (Sorry, Windows only for now.)

The apps run within BlueStacks on your PC, and can even be scaled up to full screen.You’ll also need to download the Android app to push your apps to your computer.The software emulates some of the basic functions of an Android device. When you’re running Android apps, they’ll show up in full-screen mode, although some apps can be rotated or resized. There are on-screen buttons for Back and Menu functions, and other buttons you can hit to view all your apps or to return to Windows.

Here  is the official video of the demo app: