Friday’s Feature: “The Muppets” Phone It In


. . .. to raise money to save The Muppet Show studio. This isn’t rocket science folk. This is pure unadulterated Nostalgia.  It’s a “we’re-getting-the-band-back-together-for-one-big-show” movie, and the sweetness of it all is just the right remedy for Black Friday bad behavior and grotesquerie. If you need a break from smacking people in the head for $2 waffle irons or pepper spraying a crowd so you could GET THAT Xbox, check your local listing for the next episode of “Punch Teacher.” But if you still believe that silliness and song have a place in the world, this is the movie for you. The Muppets may not be cool, but they are clever, and gosh I love me some self-reflexivity in life and in my movies.

For those of you who have not Muppet-ed in a while, don’t forget, this is a musical. I mention this because somehow I forgot, so…

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