Exclusive: Sony Mobile’s First TV Spot For The Xperia, Directed By Wes Anderson


Sony has been promising a big push to promote its new line of Xperia smartphones — the first to come out since the company took full control over the Sony Ericsson JV — and today we get to see the first fruit of that effort, a stop-motion animated TV commercial directed by the great Wes Anderson.

Today, Sony Mobile has given TechCrunch the exclusive on this one — meaning you can only view the video here, for now.

The commercial marks a debut in more ways than one: Anderson has directed a few other advertisements, but this is the first time that he has made one using stop-motion techniques, something he used to such spectacular effect in Fantastic Mr. Fox.

The inspiration for this spot comes from a series of interviews Anderson conducted with kids, asking them about how they thought smartphones worked.

That is the springing-off point for…

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