Box OneCloud Brings 30-Plus Enterprise Applications To New Mobile, Cloud-Based Storage Platform


Cloud storage platform Box has long offered a web-based app directory that includes apps for services like Salesforce, and others that enhance the storage platform’s capabilities. And last year the company launched a platform for developers building off of the Box platform, called the Box Innovation Network (/bin). Today, Box is taking development and its app directory mobile with the launch of Box OneCloud, a mobile cloud for the enterprise that provides a suite of more than 30 productivity applications, allowing businesses to access, edit, and share content from their mobile devices.

Box, which now has over 10 million users with more than 200 million files accessed via Box each month, is a cloud storage platform for the enterprise that comes with collaboration, social and mobile functionality. Box has evolved into more than just a file storage platform, and has become a full-fledged, multi-platform collaborative application where businesses can…

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