Samsung Shipped 1 Million Galaxy Note Phablets A Month


Update:The original press release for this announcement was in Korean only, and the translation left some room for debate over whether or not Samsung was talking about actual sales or shipments. But, we’ve received confirmation from Samsung that the 5 million figure is referencing actual sales to human beings and not shipments to retail channels.

As much as I love Samsung hardware, I’ve felt for a long while now that the Galaxy Note was a bit of a mistake. The screen size is just too big for me to wield the device comfortably, and I see no real value in the S-Pen other than having a little fun during bored moments.

But a good chunk of people out there in the world apparently disagree with me, as Samsung has just announced that the South Korea-based company has shipped sold 5 million units of the Galaxy Note phablet. At…

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