Google+ Hangout Apps Come Out Of Hiding, Offer Games, Screensharing, Presentations & More


Not to load you up on Google news today or anything, but in addition to the launch of Google’s new Activity Reports this morning, the company is also announcing the arrival of some of its first fully featured apps for Google+ Hangouts.

For the most part, the starter set of Hangout apps are designed for having fun and playing games with others, save for the addition of +SlideShare and +Cacoo. Arguably the two most practical new arrivals, SlideShare’s app lets Google+ users view presentations, documents and videos together, while +Cacoo supports wire-framing, mind-mapping and collaborative diagramming.

Hangouts, for those still uninitiated with Google+ lingo, are the multi-person video chats that can support up to 10 participants at a time. No matter what you may think of the social network, and Google’s change in strategy to support it, Hangouts can be thought of as one of Google+’s saving graces. It would have…

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