Google Maps For Android Update Packs Hi-Res Map Tiles, New Transit Tweaks


Well, Google certainly seems to be having a productive day so far. In addition to the unveiling of their Account Activity feature and a handful of new Google+ Hangout apps, Google has also pushed out a considerable update to their Google Maps for Android app.

Now at version 6.5, Google Maps now packs improved support for devices with high pixel density displays — any device that falls into that category will now get high-resolution map tiles that make for more detailed views that are less cluttered by unnecessarily large labels.

Google specifically points at devices like the Galaxy Nexus, Galaxy S II, and the Droid RAZR as receiving those high-resolution map tiles, but your handset doesn’t need to be quite that fancy in order to benefit. Google’s definition of “high density” refers to a pixel density of 240 ppi, though I was told by a Google rep that devices…

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