Hitting 20M App Downloads, Azumio Releases Sleep Time To Measure Your Zs (From Your iPhone)


Palo Alto, Calif.-based Azumio isn’t exactly a household name when it comes to mobile apps, so one might be surprised to learn that, collectively, their apps have pulled in over 20 million downloads. That’s because Azumio is plugging away at building a suite of biofeedback apps that measure your heart rate, stress, and sleep. Azumio is tapping into a hot trend, as health devices and mobile apps are on the rise and have found eager users outside of the tech community. Companies and devices like Fitbit, Lark, Up, and more have found traction among consumers, but most of them involve external hardware that is worn while you sleep.

That’s why today Azumio is releasing an app appropriately called Sleep Time, which measures the quality of your sleep and provides you with an alarm clock — without the extra hardware. Using your iPhone’s accelerometer, combined with their own proprietary algorithm, Azumio…

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