Kindle Fire Update Brings Sharing, Book Extras, Print Replica Textbooks To The Masses


Hey there, Kindle Fire owners — Amazon’s rolling out a brand new software update for you, and it packs quite a few worthwhile (and arguably overdue) tweaks for your budget-conscious tablet.

Take sharing, for example. Oddly absent from the Kindle Fire at launch was the ability to share interesting snippets of text like its e-ink brethren, but that functionality has been added, along with the ability to tap into Amazon’s people-powered Shelfari service for what the company calls Book Extras — extra related information pertaining to the book a reader is poring through.

Amazon is also positioning the Kindle Fire as more of educational device than before with support for print replica textbooks, though I’m hoping against hope they eventually work up something like Apple’s more hand-on approach. Be warned though students — speaking as someone who tried in vain to give up textbooks in exchange for their e-book…

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