Songza App Review: Pandora And Spotify Better Watch Their Backs


Sure, there are plenty of music streaming services out there, and even ones with amazing shareable playlists, but Songza differentiates by falling right into that sweet spot between Spotify and Pandora. The app’s most interesting feature, Concierge, sets up playlists based on day and time, with filters for whatever mood you might be in.

For example, on Wednesday morning, Concierge says that I’m most likely to want to listen to something for Work Or Study, Still Waking Up, or Working Out. If I change the settings to give me music for Late Friday Night, options change to Getting High, Getting Lucky, Nightcap, A Sweaty Dance Party, or Bedtime.

So let’s say I’m hypothetically getting lucky… Songza will offer me certain filters for that particular “activity” like Heartfelt, Aggressive, Tongue And Cheek, Smooth, and Mellow. Unfortunately, the Concierge feature which launched in an update last week is only available on iOS…

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