This man stole the identity of one of the world’s richest men… find out how

Bazaar Daily News

When you think bank fraud or identity theft you think normal citizens, right? Well wrong — as first noted by NEWSER  Paul the co-founder of Microsoft appears to have found himself in the midst of a bad case of fraud after his identity was swiped by a Pittsburgh man by the name of Brandon Price.

Price swiped the mans identity by calling Citibank to inform them of an address change (how he knew so much about Paul bewilders even me). Citibank approved the change which allowed Price to make more than $15,000 worth of purchases courtesy of Microsoft.

Steps to bank fraud:

1.) Stalk said powerful person on the internet.

2.) Wikipedia feeds you most of the information needed to bypass security information (birthdate,  birthplace, mothers name, fathers name (LOL)

3.)  Work on your best impression of the famed person you’re planning to do this on.

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