A new “Kinection”: What happens when Innovation Drives Access to a Wealth of Health Information?

Time To Learn New Media

As a member of Generation Y, at times I have become a little immune to how the growing changes in new media and technology are impacting our health and wellbeing. The wake-up call for me, was the first time I had the opportunity to witness the incredible impact that developers are having on healthcare with Kinect. It’s amazing how this “kinetic technology” is being used in physiotherapy, as a learning tool for autistic children, and in fitness training, all without the need to leave your lounge room [Microsoft, 2012]. Evidently, Kinect is not the only area that new media and innovation is having an impact on access to healthcare.  Waves of self-diagnosis websites, open healthcare forums and online health tracking systems have popped up.  As Wyatt suggests, these “hybrid sociotechnical configurations either accidently or explicitly created to help identified gaps between what health information…

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