TechCrunch Primer: A Crash Course In Cool Camera Apps


Let’s face it — there are too many camera and photo sharing apps out there, and not enough time in the day to give each one of them a try. If you’ve been mulling over which camera app deserves your love and affection, or just have no earthly idea where to start, take a gander below at some of your best options for shooting and sharing your life on the go.

For the socialites:


Does this thing really need an introduction? Instagram took concept of applying artsy filters (the app has 16 of them), and combined it with a strong social element to become the mobile photo sharing service to beat. Oh, and let’s not forget that it has something like 27 million users at last glance — there’s a good chance your friends are already onboard.

Aside from its famed filters, Instagram also packs a slew of other…

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