Could Halo 4 Be The Best Halo Game Ever?

Smiley Che

Halo is the franchise that got me, and probably many other gamers into the world of console gaming, and in particular, into the Xbox. Way back, over a decade ago, I remember playing through one of the missions with my brother in an electronics store, on Microsoft’s new “Xbox” console. Shortly after, blown away by the gameplay and graphics we pestered our Dad until he caved an bought us the console and the game that Christmas. Ever since, with every release of a Halo game, this nostalgia has meant we have purchased every game going (bar the more strategy based ones) starring the Master Chief, or the Spartans. Now, with Halo 4 on the horizon, set to launch in September this year, I am getting very excited and nostalgic once again.

Halo 4 is set to follow on from the events of 2007’s Halo 3, and gamers will get…

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