They Did What Now? – Audi Has Bought Ducati. Yes I’m Being Serious.

The Torque Post

Take a moment to let that sink in and think about it. Ready? Ok. Audi won’t tell you until probably around next week, but they’ve pretty much sealed the deal on acquiring Ducati, the famed Italian motorcycle maker.  Yes, motorcycle maker. This isn’t some Italian design studio you’ve never heard of, or a fashion brand, it’s the motorcycle maker that has won 17 manufacturer’s World Championship titles since 1926, including the 2011 race.

Why on earth would Audi do that?

First off, according to Investindustrial Holdings chairman Andrea Bonomi (one of Ducati’s former parent companies) the firm had announced it wanted to sell Ducati a few months ago. Deutsche Bank, Goldman Sachs, and Intesa Sanpaolo unit Banca IMI have all advised Ducati to go ahead and make the big sale. Second, Volkswagen isn’t exactly best friends with its competition from BMW, and the move should pit VW against BMW’s sportbike offerings. VW also…

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