How To Conduct A Social Media Training That Works

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Success BabyEven though Facebook, Twitter and other platforms aren’t exactly new, there is still a need for social media training in many organizations. According to the Pew Internet & American Life Project, 65% of online U.S. adults use social media. Although that’s a majority, there are plenty more prospective users that have not yet jumped on board.

So, why do some social media trainings fail? Because they’re presented as a how-to session. This is the wrong approach. If someone wanted to use social media, they’d probably figure it out themselves. Let’s face it—setting up a social media account really isn’t that hard. However, I’ve given trainings in the past that have not resulted in increased social media adoption by participants. Upon reflection, I think it’s because I jumped into the nuts and bolts too quickly, failing to pay attention to the emotional and intellectual needs of the audience. Recently, I…

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