Android Vs iOS The Truth about Apple and Google’s OS Part 3

2 thoughts on “Android Vs iOS The Truth about Apple and Google’s OS Part 3

  1. Thank you so much for demonstrating everything that Apple is doing wrong and why Android is a much better platform (right now at least).

    What I find most interesting about your side by side comparison is that you picked out the major features which are pivotal to the Google strategy (namely social networking) and having a platform which has plenty of extensibility and why Google has a major advantage and head start on Apple. Apples strategy has always been to limit the user choices to keep users from messing up their own system. While this has served them well because most Apple users will be the first to tell you their system never crashes.

    What they don’t understand is that it never crashes because the applications are so dumbed down on that platform they can’t do anything with each individual application which wasn’t thought up front by the developers. In other words, very few configuration options and little or no plug-in support for most applications. Obviously that is a broad generalization as any platform that exists for long must have some “killer application”. For Apple (at least the new Apple), their killer application was music and iTunes. I’m sure you’ll agree that iTunes is probably the most sophisticated application you can find on the OS X platform. I can’t really say for iOS because I’ve only played with other peoples’ iPhones and never owned one myself.

    What would be interesting to see would be how the new Google+ integration works on Android.

    I’ve been using Google+ almost exclusively for social networking since I first signed up for it earlier this year and I’m very excited about it’s current feature set and it’s potential for developers. Things like the Native Development Kit for developing high performance games right in the Google+ user interface is going to be a great way for Google+ to distinguish itself from the competition.

    The way I see it, between Google+, Android and Chrome, Facebook doesn’t have a leg to stand on. And with the social connectivity of the Android platform, Apple is going to have a hard time competing in the next generation web sphere. Whether it’s Web 2.5 or Web 3.0 (who knows right now) I see social networking growing by leaps and bounds and syndication and independent (or amateur) journalists take up the gauntlet and start sharing information about anything and everything going on in the world today.

    Though professional journalists may take insult to this new generation of amateurs, it really does add another dimension to the online experience.

    1. Thanks for your frank(and long!!!) comment. Good to know that there are plenty of android lovers all around the world 🙂

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