Microsoft sold AOL patents to Facebook


Microsoft and Facebook  announced on Monday that Microsoft would be selling to Facebook 650 of the 925 patents  it has just bought  from AOL to Facebook for $550 million in cash.

Facebook will also get a licence on the 275 remaining patents bought by Microsoft from the AOL portfolio, and that Microsoft will keep. On the top on that, Microsoft still have a license for the 300 patents AOL continue to own. At this point of discussion, Facebook may not have any right or licence for those patents still owned by AOL.

However this deal with Microsoft make Facebook more stronger in the world of patents, where it has already been facing lawsuits, most notably from Yahoo, for some infringement. By buying those patents from Microsoft, it seems that the Facebook portfolio will count no less than 1460 patents comprising 750 from IBM, these 650 from Microsoft/AOL, and also…

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