Using laptop as a wifi hotspot

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The place I’m staying at has little to no cell phone signal at times (Sprint).  Which is usually not a problem because I can just use GrooveIP to route my google voice calls over wifi.  The problem I’m dealing with now is that the router is on one side of the house and I’m on the other.  We’re talking about a 5k sq ft house,.. so it’s pretty far for my wimpy little cell phone.

However, the big beefy wifi radio in my new Lenovo L512 has no problem picking up the wifi reception at around ~60%  or 12Mbs.  Wouldn’t it be great if I could use my laptop as a wifi repeater?  I decided to Google around a little bit and found a program called Connectify (3.x.x) that pruported to be able to do exactly this and the software looked well put together and nicely polished.


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