How-to: Understand Windows 8 Editions

Allan J Smithie

New Windows 8 logo imageI’ve left the dust to settle a while before runnning through this: the Windows 8 Editions (SKUs) have been officially announced by Microsoft. These are the editions of Windows 8 that will be available for purchase, along with the upgrade paths from Windows 7.

As usual, Microsoft’s behavioural disorder shows through in the packaging and naming; it’s a marketing-led company that doesn’t seem to understand marketing; Microsoft’s engineers think it’s an engineering-led company so they don’t listen to anything the marketing people say; the Board think it’s a cash-cow, so the entire sales strategy is determined by the amount of money that Microsoft thinks it can screw out of customers by twisting the editions regardless of the fact that it makes no sense to the customers. Business as usual, then…

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