Facebook and Google dominates 76% of social logins

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Logging in through the likes of Facebook, Twitter and Google may be the easiest way to connect to 3rd party sites across the Web. Sure, it means we’re forfeiting heaps of data, but that hasn’t stopped the trend from nearly killing the traditional login process in just a few years.

Following this trend, Janrain has released a study powered by its Engage tool, which analyzed some 365,000 sites. Overall, Janrain found that Facebook accounted for 45% of social logins, while Google came in at 31%. Yahoo and Twitter collectively hold an 18% share of social logins, while LinkedIn, Myspace and a number of other sites account for the remaining 3%.

facebook-google-dominate-76-of social-logins

Janrain notes that “Facebook’s popularity for social login on eCommerce websites has declined moderately from 49% to 43% during the past two quarters. Despite the decrease, it still enjoys significant popularity, which can be partially explained by the explosion of social commerce during the past year. Yahoo!’s share of social…

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