Ubuntu Tablet release in 2013 ?


While Microsoft has announced it will release a Windows 8 ARM especially for tablets, Canonical, the company behind the Linux-based open source operating system Ubuntu, is all set to challenge both Google’s Android OS, and Windows.

Canonical has confirmed plans to expand its Ubuntu Linux distribution to tablets, smartphones and other mobile interactive devices. The firm expects to launch its first Ubuntu devices next year. So if you are an unconditional fan of Ubuntu, you will now enjoy your favourite Linux based operating system on your mobile handset and tablet as well.

Everyday computer users are starting to do their computing across a broader array of devices and form factors,” explained Canonical founder Mark Shuttleworth. “[We want to] bring Ubuntu to all the personal computing form factors, on phones, tablets and smart-screens.

According to Shuttleworth, future Ubuntu apps will offer “multiple personalities” for various…

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