Installing Mono for Android on Windows

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This article walks through the installation steps and configuration details required to install Mono for Android. By the end of this article, we will have a working Mono for Android installation integrated into MonoDevelop and/or Microsoft Visual Studio, and we’ll be ready to start building our first Mono for Android application.


The Mono for Android installer will automatically detect, download, and install any components required for completing the installation. This tutorial examines the installation and configuration steps required to install the Mono for Android platform and to get our development environment set up, including:

  • Downloading the Installer
  • Running the Installer
  • Configuring our IDE
  • Configuring any Additional Emulators

Downloading the Mono for Android Installer

Your first step is to download the Mono for Android Windows installer, which can be found at


If you’ve purchased Mono for Android, follow the download instructions in the e-mail you received with…

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