Samsung Chromebook Series 5 550


(Credit: Sarah Tew/CNET)

Chrome OS and its interface

Chrome OS has improved considerably since last year, resulting in an instant-on ecosystem that feels a lot more compelling than before. Booting up the first time is lightning-quick (about 7 seconds), and once you’re logged in under your Google ID, your mail, docs, contacts, and any purchased apps are available to access or download. Our review version of the Series 5 550 Chromebook has Chrome OS 19.0.1084.50, the most recent version. The confusing numbering isn’t as easy to understand as Android’s candy shop-flavored updates, not by a long shot.

File support, a complaint we had from last year, is much improved, with the ability to handle more file types and even zipped files. That’s no surprise to anyone who already uses Gmail or Google Docs, and the end result helps the Chromebook experience. Still, you’re limited as to what you can do…

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