Being Connected to Wireless Internet for 24 Hours – Top Risk of Internet Usage

The internet is fast taking the realm of the tangible world. Everything around is mostly done in the cyber world. It replaces the very meaning of life and existence. However, internet has reached its main goal of serving humanity as the most convenient way to express oneself.


As well as in the communication world, where the internet is a big help, none can argue in its benefit in connecting people, families and individuals. Most especially to consider the benefits in the business world where the vitality of its presence can be manifested in the automated and digital services most businesses offer to their clients.


Still skeptics believe that there is underlying risk in the internet usage. That in its aesthetic beauty of its benefits to humanity, there is still acknowledged disadvantages of internet usage. Data shows that an average American spends more than ten hours in the internet. That is quite disturbing given the fact that a day is only composed of 24 hours. To make the statement short, how could an average American spend its day healthy and productive?


This article will show the readers the very risks of internet usage in minimal and large scale durations. To begin with, too much time spent in the internet could mostly affect your;


1.     Health

With the introduction of wireless internet connection, people now can enjoy the perks of being connected to the internet with the use of their smart phones and tablets. Anywhere, they can update their Facebook status, watch latest news and deliver instant messages to their friends and families. What they do not know and we do not know is that this wireless internet connection uses the waves or electromagnetic radiation to transmit signals. Exposures to these forms of stealth radiation can experience sleep disturbances, heart palpitations and poor health.


2.     Security

Internet is the eyes of the world to your household. So if you are not careful, some companies are already spying on you if you stay longer in the internet. The idea of the elite in controlling every person’s identity, confidentiality and action can be presented and be started in the internet.

To avoid these circumstances, limit yourself from staying too long in the internet. You may also install strong antivirus that detects spywares and malwares that can steal your identity and ruin your confidentiality.


3.     Relationship

Although internet bridges the gap of misunderstanding through its sole role of connecting people, Sometimes, the worst could happen if you try to open your mind on the other spectrum of that idea. Not everybody use the internet for communication, sometimes people use internet for business, leisure and research. The quality time that could be spend to family members and loved in cuddling, tender loving care, tangible and personal conversations that reflect true emotions are already replaced by emoticons, and short messages.


There are numerous advantages of internet usage. However, it is also healthy to know the cons of it so that we can develop an open view of everything.


Jashon Wills is a writer that penetrates the heart of its readers especially in telecommunications and the internet. He believes that a fast internet can lead to a better future by allowing its users to spend more time with the real world. If you have trouble finding a decent internet provider, Broadband Expert shows what options you have.