Apple iPad 3 [Rumors]

Apple iPad 3 may be released on February 24th, 2012 which is of course the date of Steve Jobs Birth Anniversary. There are unconfirmed news started to spread around the web, that iPad 3 with Retina Display and some more powerful hardware upgrade where we also like to mention SIRI may be featured on iPad 3, to be released during February.

apple ipad3 retina

After the arrival of iPad, many tablet companies have copied the design and tried their best to bring much changes similar to iOS and iPad Design. But always it stands out from the crowd as an amazing tablet that gives you more responsive touch experience with Surfing, Gaming without saying no to Productivity related tasks. Dont miss iPad 3 Features and Specification here.

Apple iPad 3 Launch Date

There is no official confirmation from any valid sources, still there are rumors that relates the possibility of Steve Jobs Birth Anniversary as the iPad 3 release date. It will be really great if that is true, because many are waiting to see the drastic changes (positively) that Apple iPad 3 gonna bring. iPad is best for Gaming and Business Applications as well. It never let you down when you work with your business apps, surf the web or sending an email.


iPad 3 Features and Specification Based on Rumors

iPad 3 Hardware Specification

Lets start with the hardware changes that iPad 3 will have.


ipad 3 processor

Currently, iPad 2 have an A5 Chipset and PowerVr SGX543MP2 GPU that delivers great graphics for Gaming and Video. So it may be A6 Processor that has Quad Core feature can change the way once again that iPad works with improved Processing power and GPU capabilities very much.


iPad 3 Camera may come with 8 Megapixel to record 1080p HD video with excellent clarity. Where there is also a chance for bringing LED FLash facility to capture great pictures at night also. iPhone 4S has that notable change compare to iPhone 4 where the picture quality got lots of improvements and the Flash really makes the picture good at night-time photo shoot as well.

Fingerproof Technology

Apple has recently got its patent to fingerproof technology and we can experience the same with upcoming apple devices without doubt.

iCloud and More Storage

One of the amazing feature is iCloud, where it syncs all your iOS devices with the photos, contacts, notes, and documents that you save on one device. The movie service is also expected to be launched through iCloud where you can download and watch it at your convenience. The advancement in iCloud also gives an option to see increased storage space for apple devices where iPad 3 64GB Model may become basic version and iPad 3 128 GB, iPad 3 256 GB Storage can possibly arrive to let users store more music, more videos and data.

In this way Apple can start selling its iCloud extra storage space plans to the users where they will buy icloud storage apart from the free 5GB, to store more contents on iCloud and access it from other devices.

SIRI on iPad 3

siri ipad3

Another most expected feature that Apple may consider bringing SIRI the virtual assistant featured on iPhone 4S (A5 Processor) device on iPad 3 as well. In the recent meet the Apple spokesperson have clearly mentioned that apple has no plans to port Siri on iPhone 4, iPod Touch and iPad 2 so far. So in future there are chances to get SIRI on other devices officially.

HDMI Port on iPad 3

This is another possible feature where you will not require any additional converter cables to share the iPad screen with TV for presentation purposes.

iPad 3D Display

iPad 3 may also support 3D Technology to watch 3D videos on your iPad itself. They may also provide a 3D glass as an accessory or along with the iPad to once again show the difference from its competitors.

[Image shows a Kenya brand tablet with 3D feature]

Retina Display on iPad 3

Retina Display gives ultimate 960 x 640 screen resolution on iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S to see the texts and picture more crisp and sharper than any other smartphones. That means 326 pixels per inch that totally lets human eyes to not differentiate what they see on the phone. iPad 3 display may come up with 2048 x 1536 pixel to feature that Retina Display to an amazing big size screen.


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