How to install Lex & Yacc in Linux Mint

Many of my friends had problem installing Linux O.S ,so here's a short tutorial on installing
a)Linux O.S 
b)Lex and Yacc.

To start with we need these:
a>  CD/DVD or an ISO image of your favorite distro
b>  VirtualBox or Vmware
c>  Internet connection

 Step 1: Install VirtualBox .Follow this video
Step 2:After successful installation of the O.S ,login as the root. Step 3:Open the terminal(shortcut: ctrl+alt+T) Step 4:Type these commands one after the other (These commands work only in Ubuntu/Linux Mint,guys who are using fedora look at the end of the post ) 1> $sudo apt-get install flex (installs lex) 2> $sudo apt-get install bison (installs yacc) You will be asked to type your password . On giving the correct password ,you will be shown something like "do you want to install these packages?... It will need XYZ bytes of additional memory....." , press "y". Hit enter. Step 5: That's it.....we are done. If you have any problems in installation,leave me a message in the comment section below,i will replay ASAP. Related articles : How to install lex and yacc in fedora(